Miss Saigon - London

Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil's musical returns to the West End.

This Movie Will Be in Your Mind! Watch the Entire Miss Saigon Anniversary Gala Finale, With Lea Salonga & More

We previously brought you a teaser trailer, now watch the entire Miss Saigon 25th gala finale. The celebration took place following a special performance of the West End revival on September 22 and it does not disappoint (of course it doesn't). Following the show, original members of the Boublil and Schönberg musical took to the stage and joined the current cast. Lea Salonga and Rachelle Ann Go's rendition of "The Movie in My Mind" will make your jaws drop, there's a slight kerfuffle thanks to original Chris, Simon Bowman, and Jonathan Pryce's ad-libs during "The American Dream" are priceless. Now all we need to know is: when is the show returning to Broadway?