The Audience - London

Helen Mirren stars as Elizabeth II in Peter Morgan's drama.

God Save the Queen Again! First Look at Helen Mirren as Elizabeth II in the London Premiere of The Audience

They’re at it again: Oscar winner Helen Mirren and The Queen screenwriter Peter Morgan have reunited for the West End world premiere of The Audience, a play in which Mirren reprises and broadens her role as Queen Elizabeth II. Unlike The Queen, which was set in the wake of Princess Diana’s death, The Audience begins when Winston Churchill served as Britain's Prime Minister and continues to the present day, imagining the exchanges that take place during the Queen’s private weekly meetings with 12 prime ministers in 60 years. (Juicy casting: Billy Elliot's Haydn Gwynne plays Margaret Thatcher!) We’ve got your first look at Johan Persson's portrait of Mirren in what as become her most famous role. The Audience begins previews on February 15 at the Gielgud Theatre and open on March 5, continuing through June 15.